CPC Open Forum

On April 8th, 2015 the Hanson Community Preservation Committee ("CPC") held its annual public Open Forum Meeting at the Hanson Public Library. We highlighted some of the projects that Hanson's Community Preservation Act ("CPA") money funded in 2014 and discussed the CPC Master Plan that we are drafting in 2015. Committee members were on hand to discuss CPA and how CPA monies might benefit the housing, open space, historic preservation and recreational needs of Hanson.

The Community Preservation Act is a great investment for our community to make in its future, yet it only costs the average Hanson homeowner $35.  To date, we have invested over $300,000 of our CPA tax dollars back into the community and into the hands of Hanson citizens and businesses. In addition, we have, as of 2015, received over $300,000 in state CPA matching funds to use as the voters see fit!