General Bylaw Article 2-12

Classification and Compensation



The official classification plan for positions in the service of the Town shall consist of classes listed by titles in Section 1 2.


The official compensation plan when established by vote of the Town, shall consist of minimum and maximum salaries, or single rate salaries, to be paid to all employees in any position included in the classification plan, and such salaries shall be established as specified by statute. No person employed by the Town will have his rate of pay reduced due to the adoption of the plan.


The following positions are excluded from the Classification and Compensation Plan:

  1. Held by elected officials.
  2. Under the jurisdiction of the School Committee.
  3. Covered by negotiated contracts between the Board of Selectmen and Hanson Police Club/I.B.P.O. #467; Local 2713 International Association of Firefighters, AFL-CIO; AFMSCE:AFL-CIO State Council 93, Local 1700 and the Chief of Police Department and the Chief of the Fire Department (10/07).
  4. Covered by negotiated contracts between the Board of Library Trustees and the Library Director.
  5. Covered by negotiated contracts between the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator to the Board of Selectmen (10/07)
  6. Covered by negotiated contracts between the Planning Board and the Town Planner.
  7. Covered by negotiated contracts between the Board of Assessors and the Assessor/Appraiser.
  8. Covered by negotiated contract between the Water Commissioners and the Water Superintendent.
  9. Covered by a negotiated contract between the Board of Selectmen and the Conservation Agent. (10/07)


The Classification Plan and the Compensation Plan, and the provisions for the administration of said plans may be amended by a majority vote at any Town Meeting.


Establishment and administration of a compensation plan by a Personnel Board is authorized by General Law, Chapter 41, Sections 108A and 108C. Date of inception of the Town of Hanson Classification and Compensation By-Law, April 3, 1972.


Sec. 2A.

There shall be a Personnel Board to administer and maintain said Plans and to insure that there is uniform interpretation and application throughout the entire Town.

Sec. 2B.

The Board of Selectmen shall serve as the Personnel Board. The Town Administrator shall serve as the Personnel Director of the Town responsible for the administration of all personnel matters, including personnel by-laws and all personnel policies and regulations that the Board of Selectmen may adopt. This shall include the enforcement of personnel policies, rules and regulations and managing personnel costs, including salaries, benefits, overtime, and use of town-owned vehicles for employees under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen. (10/07)


Sec. 3A.

The Board shall establish such policies, procedures and regulations as it deems necessary for the administration of the Classification and Compensation Plans and may employ assistance and incur expenses as it deems necessary, subject to the appropriation of funds for this purpose.

Sec. 3B.

The Board shall, immediately following the annual election, meet and organize by electing a chairman and clerk whose appointment will run concurrent as that of the Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 3C.

The Board shall maintain written descriptions of the jobs or positions in the Plan describing the essential characteristics and related requirements and general duties. The descriptions shall not be interpreted as complete or limiting definitions and employees shall continue to perform like duties within their classification as assigned by their supervisors.

Sec. 3D.

The Board, by its own authority, may establish the classification for a new position. No position may be so classified until the Board shall have determined that such action is consistent with the provisions of the Classification and Compensation Plan. The Board may also authorize the upgrading or transfer of an employee from one classification to another upon receipt of sufficient justification by the Department Head. Any such action shall be subject to the Department Head's written verification that sufficient funds are available to provide compensation for the new position or job change.

Sec. 3E.

The Board annually shall review all positions covered by the Plan, such reviews to be scheduled so as to cover all such positions annually. The Board shall annually review the salary schedules and job classifications. It shall keep informed as to pay rates and policies outside the service of the Town and shall recommend to the Town any action deemed desirable to maintain a fair and equitable pay level.

Sec. 3F.

Upon recommendation of a Department Head, supported by written or oral evidence of special reasons and exceptional circumstances satisfactory to the Board, the Board may authorize an entrance to a higher rate than the minimum rate for a position, and such other variance in the Plan as it may deem necessary for the proper functioning of the Town. No variance shall become effective unless, or until, the necessary funds have been appropriated therefore.

Sec. 3G.

The Board shall make a general report for inclusion in the Annual Town Report.

Sec. 3H.

The Personnel Director shall maintain personnel records of all employees occupying positions subject to the Classification and Compensation Plans. Said records to be kept in its custody. Department Heads shall provide such information as the Board may require.


Sec. 4A.

The Classification and Compensation plan and any other provision of the by-law for the administration of personnel may be amended by a majority vote at Town Meeting.

Sec. 4B.

Upon written request for amendment, the Board shall, within three weeks, hold a hearing thereon at which all interested persons shall be entitled to be present and be heard. Written notice of such hearings shall be given not less than three days preceding the date thereof, to the petitioner or petitioners and to heads of departments and employees affected.

Sec. 4C.

The Board shall, one week after such hearing, report recommendations for consideration at the next Town Meeting. The petitioner or petitioners and involved department heads shall be given a copy of said report and recommendations.

Sec. 4D.

The Wage and Personnel Board shall call a hearing for the consideration of any proposed Town Meeting Article that is intended to amend the Classification and Compensation By-Law and such hearings shall be held no later than two weeks preceding the closing of the Town Warrant. Written notification to all Departments, Boards, Committees and Employees shall be given not less than three days preceding the date of the hearing.


Nothing in the By-Law shall be construed to conflict with Chapter 31 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Any salary or wage rate which was in effect on or before acceptance of the By-Law and which is above the maximum for which the class to which the position has been allocated, shall be deemed a personal rate and shall apply only to the incumbent. When such incumbent leaves the employ of the Town, or is transferred to another position or a new maximum rate higher than the personal rate that was established, the rate shall be canceled. No other employee assigned to or hired for such position shall advance beyond the maximum rate of the compensation grade to which the class has been assigned.


Sec. 7A.

Every employee in a position covered by this by-law must be considered for an increase in compensation within their classification annually. Annual increases are not automatic but based on the evaluation by the Town Administrator of the employees ability and work performance.(10/07)

Sec. 7B.

Upon effective date of amended Plan salary schedules, Department Heads are required to adjust their employees pay rate to the appropriate pay of the amended Plan salary schedule.

Sec. 7C.

Any pay adjustment, greater than specified herein, requires advance Wage and Personnel Board approval.

Sec. 7D.

Department Heads are required to provide sufficient funds in their budgets for all rate adjustments.

Sec. 7E.

Employees denied a compensation increase, under the foregoing provisions, have the right of appeal to the Wage and Personnel Board. The Board shall hear the employees' complaints, examine the employees' records, discuss work performance with the Department Head, and render a decision which shall be binding.

Sec. 7F.

Any Highway Surveyor who maintains a valid hydraulics license and/or Commercial Drivers license and provides evidence of said licenses on or before July 1st, shall receive the sum of five hundred seventy five ($575) dollars per license annually. Payment shall be made the first week of the new Fiscal Year per an expense check. (5/2014)



The Town Administrator will recommend appointments and hires to the relevant appointing authority.(10/07)


The Wage and Personnel Board during its review of personnel requisitions shall assign the applicable job classification and salary and/or wage schedule and return the approved requisition to the Department Head. If the Wage and Personnel Board does not approve the requisition, it shall arrange a meeting with the Department Head involved, establish a mutually accepted agreement with the Department Head and subsequently approve the requisition.


Whenever possible, promotion or hiring shall be from within the Town departments. When a job opening exists, the Town Administrator shall post a notice of the job opening on the Town Hall bulletin board for a period of two weeks. If there are no qualified applicants, the Town Administrator shall advertise for the job in a newspaper having circulation within the Town. The advertisement shall describe the job, duties and minimum qualifications and where and when application may be made.(10/07)


The first six months of employment shall be a probationary period. During the probationary period, the Department Head shall notify the Town Administrator if the employee's performance and ability warrants continued employment. The Town Administrator shall recommend the appointment or removal to the appointing authority. (10/11)


The hiring rate shall be the minimum rate for the job unless otherwise authorized by the Personnel Board. (Refer to Section 3F)


The Town department heads  may hire emergency labor as they may require. Such action shall be exempt from the provisions of paragraphs 8A through 8D of this section of the By-law.

Sec. 8G. Termination

An employee may be terminated from employment by the Town Administrator for just cause, after the employee has been given a written warning by the Department Head; fails to show adequate improvement in work performance during the warning period; and the relevant appointing body votes affirmatively for termination.(10/07)


Sec. 9A.

Department Heads are required to notify the Town Treasurer, Town Accountant and Town Administrator of all pay rates and pay rate changes so that the appropriate payroll and accounting records may be made.(10/07)

Sec. 9 B.

The Wage and Personnel Board is required to notify the Town Treasurer and the Town Accountant of all pay rate changes and their effective dates authorized by the Board in accordance with the provisions of the By-Law.


Employees will be classified in the following groups:

  1. Full time employees - works a normal schedule of 35 or more hours per week.
  2. Part time employees - works a normal schedule of less than 35 hours per week, a seasonal schedule, or a temporary work schedule.
  3. Emergency Labor - works a temporary schedule of a defined period of time for a specific assignment.



A.  Director of Elder Affairs35,000 to 55,00035,000 to 55,000
B.  Town Accountant45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 75,000
C.  Treasurer/Collector45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 75,000
D. Inspector of Buildings – Full-time Salary
     Inspector of Buildings – Part-time hourly rate
20,000 to 60,000
20,000 to 60,000
$25.00 to $35.00
$25.00 to $35.00
E.  Health Agent40,000 to 60,00040,000 to 60,000
F.  Assessor/Appraiser45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 70,000
G. Conservation Agent35,000 to 70,00035,000 to 70,000
H.  Library Director45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 70,000
I.   Town Planner45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 70,000
J.  Town Planner/Conservation Agent45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 70,000
K.  Highway Surveyor45,000 to 70,00045,000 to 70,000


A.  Executive Assistant17.00 to 28.0017.00 to 28.00
B.  Assistant to Police Chief17.00 to 28.0017.00 to 28.00
C.  Veterans Agent - Annual salary7,000 to 15,0007,000 to 18,000
D.  Reference Librarian17.00 to 28.0017.00 to 28.00
E.  Youth Service Librarian17.00 to 28.0017.00 to 28.00
F.  Animal Control Officer - Annual Salary17,000 to 28,00017,000 to 28,000
G.  Van Drivers/Aide8.00 to 17.008.00 to 17.00
H.  Social Day Care Coordinator*14.00 to 21.0014.00 to 21.00
I.   Camp Kiwanee Caretaker**13.00 to 20.0013.00 to 20.00


A.  Assistant Inspector of Building13.00 to 22.0013.00 to 22.00
B.  Gas Inspector13.00 to 22.0013.00 to 22.00
C.  Plumbing Inspector13.00 to 22.0013.00 to 22.00
D.  Wiring Inspector13.00 to 22.0013.00 to 22.00
E.  Civil Defense Director - Annual Salary900 to 1,300 yr900 to 1,300 yr
F.  Police Matron8.00 to 13.0011.00 to 22.00
G.  Outreach/Seniors*11.00 to 22.0011.00 to 22.00
H.  Assistant Coordinator*8.00 to 17.008.00 to 17.00
I.  Volunteer Services Intergenerational Coordinator*10.00 to 19.0010.00 to 19.00
J.  Senior Center Support Staff *8.00 to 17.008.00 to 17.00
K.  Back-up Van Driver*8.00 to 12.008.00 to 12.00
L.  Animal Inspector1,000 to 1,6001,000 to 1,600
M.  Election Clerk8.00 to 15.008.00 to 15.00
N.  Election Officer8.00 to 15.008.00 to 15.00
O.  Election Warden8.00 to 15.008.00 to 15.00
P.  Registrar of Voters8.00 to 15.008.00 to 15.00
Q.  Assistant Caretaker**8.00 to 20.008.00 to 20.00
R.  Sealer of Weights & Measurers - Annual Salary2500 to 3500 yr2500 to 3500 yr
S.  Milk Inspector150 to 300 yr150 to 300 yr
T.  Assistant Veterans Agent10.00 to 15.0010.00 to 15.00
U. Committee Clerical/Administrative Support Staff9.00 to 15.009.00 to 15.00
V.  Emergency Clerical Labor9.00 to 15.009.00 to 15.00
W. Transfer Station Attendant15.00 to 21.0015.00 to 21.00
X.  Camp Kiwanee Event Planner **8.00 to 17.008.00 to 17.00
Y.  Facilities Manager 20,000 to 45,000
Z.  Public Buildings custodian 18.00 to 24.00
AA.  Assistant Health Agent 13.00 to 22.00


A.  Beach Director12.00 to 20.0012.00 to 20.00
B.  Water Safety Instructor8.00 to 16.008.00 to 16.00
C.  Lifeguards8.00 to 16.008.00 to 16.00
D.  Boat Coordinator8.00 to 16.008.00 to 16.00
E.  Boating Instructor12.00 to 20.0012.00 to 20.00
F.  Concession Worker8.00 to 16.008.00 to 16.00
G.  Recreation Assistant8.00 to 16.008.00 to 16.00
H.  Security12.00 to 20.0012.00 to 20.00

*Positions are funded through the Multi-Service Senior Center’s revolving account or grants.
** Positions are funded through the Recreation Commission’s Enterprise Fund.


Call Firefighters16.00 to 18.0016.00 to 18.00
Call Firefighters after Three Years17.00 to 19.0017.00 to 19.00
Call Lieutenants17.00 to 20.0017.00 to 20.00

Sec. 11F.

$500.00 stipend will be paid in June of each fiscal year to those call firefighters who successfully complete and maintain the certification of an EMT recognized by the State and approved by the Fire Chief. Paramedics will receive a $1,000.00 stipend.


All members of the Call Fire Department will be subject to all Rules and Regulations; Standard Operation Procedures; Department Policies as amended for Fire Department Operations and formulated under M.G.L. Chapter 48, Section 42.


Sec. 12A.

Certain fringe benefits are hereby set forth according to interpretation of Section 108G of Chapter 41 and Section 21 A of Chapter 40 of the General Laws. Fringe benefits are considered as part of compensation earned in addition to regular salary received.

Sec. 12B. Eligibility for Benefits

Employees who are classified as full time employees are eligible for fringe benefits provided in this section of the Bylaw. Employees classified as permanent part-time and working a regular schedule of 20 hours or more per week are eligible for fringe benefits provided in this section of the By-law on a pro-rata basis.

Sec. 12C. Holiday Schedule

The recognized holidays under this By-law are:

  • New Years Day Labor Day
  • Martin Luther King's Day Columbus Day
  • President's Day Veterans Day
  • Patriots Day Thanksgiving Day
  • Memorial Day The day after Thanksgiving
  • Independence Day Christmas Day

All time worked within the Holiday schedule shall be classed as overtime. Employees not required to work to maintain essential Town services shall be excused without loss of pay. Pay for Holiday allowance shall be determined to be 1/5 of a regular weeks pay exclusive of overtime, except in those instances where that determination shall cause an employee to receive less or more than a regular weeks pay - exclusive of overtime. Wage payment under provisions of this section of the By-law shall be made provided the employee has worked a regular scheduled work day preceding or following said holiday or is on a regular scheduled day off, or is absent on those stated day by reason of illness. Observance of holidays in the holiday schedule shall be in accordance with locally designated days. Whenever an employee whose regular scheduled day off falls on any of the holiday schedule days, an additional day off with regular pay shall be permitted. Part time employees will receive holiday pay only if scheduled for work on that day of the week and on a pro-rata basis. Changed 5/2003 Whenever an employee works on a scheduled holiday, compensation shall include holiday pay plus straight time pay for time worked, within the normal work schedule.

Sec. 12D. Vacation Leave. Changed 5/2002

Schedule. Vacation leave shall be granted during the fiscal year in which eligibility occurs.

An employee who has completed six(6) months of continuous service shall be granted five (5) days vacation leave with regular pay. An employee who has completed one (1) continuous year of service shall be granted ten (10) days vacation leave with regular pay. An employee who has completed five (5) continuous years of service shall be granted fifteen (15) days vacation leave with regular pay. An employee who has completed ten (10) continuous years of service shall be granted twenty (20) days vacation leave with regular pay.An employee who has completed fifteen (15) continuous years of service shall be granted twenty-five (25) days vacation leave with regular pay.

Employees are encouraged to schedule vacation leave in full week increments; however, a single day or several days may be granted as vacation leave with approval by the department supervisor. Department supervisors are responsible to grant vacation leave to employees on a schedule basis that will cause the least interference with the performance of the regular work of the Town. If a holiday occurs during an employee's vacation period, the holiday will be charged to holiday time and not as a vacation day. Employees eligible for vacation leave who are terminated retire, or enter into the Armed Services, shall be paid for unused vacation leave balance at regular pay. Upon the death of an employee eligible for vacation leave, payment at regular pay of unused vacation leave balance shall be made to the employees estate. Accumulation of vacation leave is not permitted and employees who do not use their allotted vacation leave in one year will not be paid for any such loss. Any department vacation leave schedule or plan which is in effect on or before acceptance of this plan and which is greater than that provided for in this section of the plan shall remain in effect for those employees involved for the duration of their employment in that department. No other employee assigned to or hired for that department shall be eligible for vacation leave other than that provided for in Section 12D a. of this plan.

Sec. 12E. Sick Leave

No sick leave with pay shall be granted during the first three months of employment. After three months of service, a new employee shall be granted sick leave at a rate of one day per month, retroactive to the date employed. Any employee with more than three months of service can extend his present sick accrual up to a maximum of one hundred sixty five (165) days, at the rate of one and one quarter days per month. Sick leave shall accumulate during vacation leave and during sick leave, exclusive of job related injuries or Illnesses.If the amount of sick leave accrued under Section 12E.b. of this By-law has been, or is about to be exhausted, an employee may make application for additional to that provided under Section 12E.b. of this plan. Such application containing the approval of the employees Department Head shall be made to the Personnel Board which is authorized to grant such additional allowances as it may determine to be equitable after reviewing all circumstances including the department Head's recommendation, the employees attendance and job performance record and length of continuous service with the Town.

Consideration shall also be given as to what portion of the additional leave shall be granted at full pay and what portion at partial pay. In no case shall the additional sick leave granted total more than thirty (30) days. Any unused portion of additional sick leave granted shall not be credited to the employees accumulated sick leave. A Department Head may require an employee to submit a physicians certificate of illness after five (5) workdays of absence. Failure to submit this certificate shall result in cessation of payment. The Department Head is required to accurately record each employees attendance; noting tardiness, vacation, holiday pay, illness and other absences. This shall be submitted to the Wage and Personnel Board on forms designated by them with a copy to be sent to the Executive Secretary. The Department Head and/or the Wage and Personnel Board may require a physicians examination and statement of an employees fitness to return to work following an employee's absence due to injury or sickness. Such examination and statement to be at the expense of the Town. Injury, illness, or disability self-imposed, or resulting from the use of drugs shall not be considered a proper claim for leave under this section. Payments made under the provisions of this section shall be limited in the case of an employee who is receiving Workman's Compensation payments to the difference between the amount paid in Workman's Compensation and the employees regular rate. But in no case shall such sick leave increments extend beyond a period of six (6) months. After one year of service, an employee may be granted three (3) days per year for illness in his immediate family, (as defined in Section 12G) chargeable to sick leave when authorized by employees Department Head. Sick leave payment shall be granted at the employee's regular rate of pay unless otherwise specified as in Section 12E.c. Sick leave may be granted by the Department Head for a single day absence due to illness, injury, or regular medical, optical or dental treatment. Nothing in this section shall be construed to conflict with Section 100 of Chapter 41 of the General Laws. Upon termination of employment with the Town due to the employee's retirement or death, the employee, or in the event of death, the employees estate, shall be given one days pay for each three days of the unused portion of the employee's accumulated sick leave.

Sec. 12F. Jury Duty

An employee required to serve on jury duty and thus absent from regular work duty may upon application be paid the difference between regular compensation from the Town and compensation received for jury duty upon presentation of certification of compensation paid by the Court. Travel allowance is not included in compensation paid by the Court.

Sec. 12G. Bereavement Leave

Paid emergency leave not to exceed three (3) working days may be allowed for making arrangements and/or attending the funeral of members of employee's immediate family and persons in the immediate household at the discretion of the Department Head or the governing authority.

Sec. 12H. Military Leave

An employee on military reserve duty thus absent from regular work duty shall be paid the difference between compensation received for reserve duty and regular compensation paid by the Town upon application and presentation of certification of reserve duty pay. Such payment shall be limited to a period of thirty four days in a twelve month period and shall not include payment for reserve duty caused by call to be mobilized during an emergency in the Commonwealth. (5/04)

Sec. 12I. Other Leave. Changed 5/2002

Absence from regular work for personal reasons may be charged to vacation leave upon application by the employee and approval by the Department Head. Such absence may not be charged to vacation leave beyond what the employee is entitled to in the calendar year.

Section 11A Professionals and Section 11B Administrative and/or Full Time employees shall be granted three (3) days per year and all other Wage & Personnel positions shall be granted one (1) day for personal business for which he or she will be paid their normal rate with the prior approval of the employee's Department Head or Governing Board.

Sec. 12J. Pay for Overtime Work

Work performed by an employee beyond the normal work schedule shall be compensated at the rate of one and one-half times the normal hourly pay rate.

Whenever any employee works overtime on a regular scheduled holiday, compensation shall include holiday pay, straight time pay, and time and one-half pay for overtime worked beyond the normal shift time.

Overtime provisions shall not apply to Town Department Heads under this By-law.

Sec. 12K. Physical Examination

Every new employee hired by the Town shall be examined by a physician acceptable to the Town and certified as to his physical fitness to perform the duties of the position for which he has applied, and as to any physical conditions of the applicant that might adversely effect his job performance.

The cost of any physical examination required by this section shall be paid by the Town and shall be charged to the appropriations of the Department which doing the hiring or charged to such special appropriation made by the Town for the purpose of thus section.

It is the responsibility of the Department Head or one delegated the responsibility of interviewing and hiring job applicants to insure that applicants have successfully passed a physical examination prior to job acceptance.

Sec. 12L. Call Back

All full time Town employees under this By-law called back and required to work beyond their normal work schedule or shift will be compensated at one-and-one-half times their normal rate of pay and will be guaranteed two hours minimum pay.

Sec. 13. Police Contract

All conditions of employment not specifically legislated by Chapter 31 of the Massachusetts General Laws, including classification, compensation and fringe benefits shall be defined in the terms of the contract between the Hanson Police Club and Hanson Board of Selectmen in accordance with the authority of Chapter 150E of the General Laws.

Sec. 14. Fire Department Contract

All conditions of employment, classification, compensation and fringe benefits for full-time uniformed members of the Fire Department shall be defined in the terms of the contract negotiated by Local 2713 International Association of Firefighters AFL-CIO and the Hanson Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 15. Highway Contract

All conditions of employment including classification, compensation and fringe benefits for the Highway and Water Department employees, and Disposal Area Attendants and the Town Buildings Custodian shall be defined in the contract negotiated by AFMSCE, AFL-CIO State Council 93, Local 1700 and the Hanson Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 16. Administrative Professionals Contract Added 5/2008

All conditions of employment, classification, compensation and fringe benefits for the Clerical-Administration staffs at the Town Hall, Fire Dept., Library, Senior Center and the Recreation Department shall be defined in the contract negotiated by AFMSCE, AFL-CIO State Council 93, Local 1700 and the Hanson Board of Selectmen.