General Bylaw Article 3-8

Town Property

Sec. 1

No person shall open a hydrant or turn off or turn on the water main, service pipe, hydrant, water post, drinking fountain or other fixture or appurtenance not on his own premises connected with the Hanson Water Works, nor make any opening into or connection therewith without authority from the Superintendent of the Water Works, except in case of fire.

Sec. 2

No unauthorized person shall handle or in any way interfere with apparatus, machinery or fixtures belonging to the Fire or Police Departments, or with any signal box, wire, pole or other thing connected with the Fire Alarm System.

Sec. 3

No person shall enter or remain in any building occupied by the Fire or Police Departments without permission of the Officer having charge of such building, unless for some lawful purpose.

Sec. 4

No person shall drive any vehicle upon or over any hose pipe lawfully placed in a street, or in use at a fire, except with the consent of a person in charge thereof.

Sec. 5

No person shall cause water or effluent of any kind to flow onto a public way by siphoning or pumping. Whoever violates this section shall be punished by a fine of $150.00. (10/2006)

Sec. 6

No person other than an employee in the service of the Town of Hanson or an employee in the service of an independent contractor acting for the Town of Hanson shall pile, push, shovel, snow blow or plow snow or ice onto a public or private way, plowed by the Town, so as to impede the flow of traffic on such way. Whoever violates this section shall bear the cost of such cleanup and shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred and fifty dollars.

Sec. 6A

This by-law prohibits the smoking of all tobacco products in all Municipal Buildings in the Town of Hanson, except for the Lodge at Camp Kiwanee when functions are in progress.


Sec 6B. Enforcement

a.  All Department Heads will be responsible for the enforcement of  this by-law as it relates to individual within their area of responsibility.

b.  Any person aggrieved by the failure or refusal to comply with this No-Smoking By-Law by an individual within any municipal building may complain in writing to the Department Head where the violation occurred.

Sec. 6C. Penalties

a.  Any person who knowingly violates this By-Law shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five ($25) dollars or more than fifty ($50) dollars for each offense.

b.  Employees may be subject to disciplinary action as well as a fine for violations of this policy. Disciplinary action shall be as outlined in the disciplinary procedures voted by the Wage and Personnel Board.

Sec. 7. All-terrain vehicles on Town property

1.  No person shall operate a motorized all-terrain vehicle, snow mobile, dirt bike or other similar motorized off-road utility vehicle as may be defined under G.L. c. 90B on any Town-owned property without the express written permission of the Board of Selectmen. This same prohibition shall also apply to golf carts. Operation of any and all such vehicles is also prohibited in the waters of “great ponds” as defined under M.G.L. Ch. 91, Sec.35.


2.  Fines for violations of this bylaw shall be $100.00 for the first offense and $300.00 for each additional offense.  The Selectmen or their designee shall have the authority to issue fines via non-criminal disposition.  Fines shall be in addition to any available equitable means of enforcement.”