Building Permit Fees

Effective 7-1-2019
New Construction/Renovations$30.00 plus $12.00 per thousand (construction value)
Swimming Pool - above ground$50.00 Flat Fee
Swimming Pool - inground$100.00 Flat Fee
Wood, Gas or Pellet Stove$50.00
Tents/temporary trailers$50.00 Flat Fee
Assembly Certificate$75.00
Foundation only$200.00 Flat Fee
Certificate of Occupancy$50.00 Flat Fee
Re-Issue of Permit Card$20.00
Residential DEMO ONLY$100.00 Flat fee
Re-inspection fee for any failed inspection



Sign Permits 
New Building/Renovations$50.00 plus $15.00 per thousand (construction value)
Demolition $300.00 Flat Fee
Inspection Certificate$75.00 Per certificate
Certificate of Occupancy$75.00 Per certificate
Minimum Fee$60.00

Construction value based on contract amount or cost determined by the Building Official.

All rates approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Note: Any work performed without first obtaining a permit unless in an emergency will be charged DOUBLE.