General Bylaw Article 2-14

Council for Elder Affairs

Sec. 1

A Council for the Aging having been established it shall henceforth be known as the Council for Elder Affairs.

Sec. 2

Said Council shall consist of seven (7) members to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen for terms of three (3) years. Said terms to expire on the third anniversary of appointment.

Sec. 3

Said Council shall choose from the membership a Chairman and Secretary.

Sec. 4

It shall be the duty of the Council to coordinate or carry out programs designed to meet the problems of the elderly in the areas of health, welfare, education and recreation.

Sec. 5

The Council shall act in an advisory capacity only with respect to municipal departments.

Sec. 6

The Annual Report shall be drawn up by the Chairman of the Council to acquaint the general public with the needs of the elderly.