General Bylaw Article 2-17

Streets and Highways

ARTICLE 2 - 17




Sec. 1.             The streets and highways of the Town shall be under the direct supervision of the Highway Director who will be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Selectmen may adopt regulations to implement the provisions of this Article 2-17.            (05/2014)  (07/2020)


Sec. 2A.          The Highway Director shall maintain a complete record of all monies expended and all work done upon the public ways of the Town.  This record shall include the number of men, trucks and equipment used and the amount of time spent for each project. (07/2020)


Sec. 2B.           The Highway Director shall, under the direction of the Board of Selectmen, cooperate with the State Department of Public Works and the County Commissioners.  He shall keep an accurate account of all work done under the authority of Chapters 81 and 90, as they apply to the Town and report all activities to the Board of Selectmen whenever required.  He shall furnish an Annual Report to the Board of Selectmen of his activities and of his recommendations for the ensuing year. (07/2020)


Sec. 3A.          No person, unless in the case of an emergency, shall break or dig up any public sidewalk, street or highway, or place thereon any staging or temporary structure without first obtaining a written permit from the Board of Selectmen and the Highway Director. (07/2020)


Sec. 3B.           Prior to the expiration of said permit, restoration of the sidewalk, street or highway must be made to meet the satisfaction of the permit issuing authority.


Sec. 3C.           Any permit issued under the provision of this section shall be in force for such time as specified, all shall always be subject to all safety regulations set by the Highway Director and the Board of Selectmen. (07/2020)


Sec. 3D.          The permit issuing authorities shall have the right to revoke the permit at any time.



Sec. 3E.           In order to secure proper performance and to protect the Town from all claims of damage, a bond may be required.  This bond may be secured prior to or after the commencement of work.


Sec. 4.             Betterment laws shall apply to improvements on all streets accepted by the Town on petition of residents on such streets, in accordance with Section 1, Chapter 80 of the General Laws as amended.


Sec. 5.             The Town may, subject to appropriation at any Town Meeting, make temporary repairs on private ways as follows:                                                                                                             

a.         Limited to grading not more than two (2) times

annually, and placement of suitable materials as required;

b.         Drainage improvements may be implemented as required;

c.         Said repairs shall be determined by the Highway Director with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, to be required by public necessity; (07/2020)

d.         No petition by abutters shall be required for such repairs;

e.         No betterment charges shall be assessed and no cash deposit shall be required;

f.          The Town shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever on account of any damages causedby such repairs; and

g.         Such repairs shall be performed only on ways which have been open to public use for six (6) years.