General Bylaw Article 2-2

Board of Selectmen

Sec. 1.

The Board of Selectmen shall have full authority as agents of the Town to prosecute and defend all suits in which the Town is a party. They may settle at their discretion any legal and valid claim or suit against the Town which does not require the payment of more than three hundred dollars ($300.00). Any settlement requiring a payment greater than three hundred dollars ($300.00), except when authorized by law, shall be made only when authorized by vote of a Town Meeting.

Sec. 2.

The Board of Selectmen may appear either personally or be represented by Town Counsel before any Committee of the Legislature, any State or County Official, any Board or Commission to protect the interests of the Town, but are not authorized by this By-Law to commit the Town to any course of action.

Sec. 3.

All conveyances under seal which may hereafter be executed by the Town pursuant to a vote of the Town or otherwise, shall be sealed with the Town Seal and described by a majority of the Board Selectmen for the time being unless otherwise directed by the Town or by Statute.

Sec. 4.

The Board of Selectmen shall in their Annual Report, unless such information is contained in other reports to be published in the Annual Town Report, state what action they have taken during the proceeding year on all matters within their jurisdiction. They shall cause Annual Reports of the Town to be printed, and shall cause a copy to be available for every occupied dwelling in the Town.

Sec. 5.

The Board of Selectmen are hereby authorized to sell property taken by the Town under Tax Title Procedure under the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 60, s. 52. At least fourteen (14) days before the sale, notice of the time and place of the sale shall be posted in the Town Hall, Post Offices in the Town and by printing the legal notice in a daily and/or weekly newspaper printed in Plymouth County and having the largest circulation in the Town. The Board of Selectmen have full authority to reject any bid they deem inadequate.

Sec. 6.

No member of the Board of Selectmen shall enter into any contract or agreement from which he will derive any direct or indirect benefit with any Department of the Town without the majority approval of the Finance Committee and in conformity with Chapter 268A (Conduct of Public Employees) of the General Laws. Said approval shall be recorded with the Secretary of the Finance Committee, and a copy thereof shall be attached to such contract or agreement. (10/1985)

Sec. 7.

The above section shall also apply to all other elected or appointed Town Officers, Committees and Commissions.

Sec. 8.

The Board of Selectmen is authorized to apply for, accept and expend any funds allotted by federal grant for any designated purpose that does not entail matching Town funds.

Sec. 9.

The Board of Selectmen shall require and regulate the numbering of all buildings as authorized by Chapter 40, Section 21 -1 of the General Laws. The regulation of numbering shall be governed by this By-Law and be enforced by the Hanson Fire Department or by any other agent so assigned by the Selectmen as follows:

At the time of sale, rental, occupancy or transfer of any dwelling house in the Town of Hanson, street numbers assigned to such dwelling houses by the Inspector of Buildings shall be affixed in such a manner that they are easily visible from the public way. Any dwelling house more than fifty feet (50') from the public way shall affix numbers to both sides of that dwelling's mail box or shall otherwise post in such a manner that they are easily visible from the public way.

No sale, rental, occupancy or transfer of such dwelling house shall take place until the Hanson Fire Department verifies that such numbers are affixed in accordance with the intent of this By-Law.

The owner of any dwelling house not sold, rented and which is currently occupied and not transferred, shall within twenty-four (24) months from acceptance of this By-Law, provide street numbers assigned by the Hanson Inspector of Buildings as required by the By-Law. The Town of Hanson, its officials, and various Departments shall not be held responsible for the failure of the dwelling house property owner in numbering properly the existing dwelling house and the potential for delayed response time in emergency situations.

Reference: Chapter 41, Sections 20, 23A, 23B, 23C

Sec. 10.       

    A selectman may not hold any other compensatory office or employment in Hanson Town Government during the term for which he/she is elected, nor hold any compensated appointive town office or employment for one year thereafter.  Also,  any member of the Board of Selectmen serving in such capacity at the time of adoption of this section shall not be required to resign from any other position held and shall be allowed to complete his/her term of office.  This Bylaw shall apply for all Town Compensated positions where the appointment or removal is recommended to the relevant Board, Committee, Commission, Dept. Head by the Town Administrator under Chapter 41 of the Acts of 2006 (aka Hanson Town Administrator Act) and also any and all compensated offices or positions of employment in Hanson Town Government that are directly appointed by the Hanson Board of Selectmen under Massachusetts State Law.