General Bylaw Article 2-4

Town Clerk

Sec. 1.

The Town Clerk shall cause all deeds or other instruments conveying land or any interest in land to the Town to be immediately recorded in the Registry of Deeds, and shall have custody of all recorded instruments after the same have been returned by said Registry.

Sec. 2A.

The Town Clerk after every election, shall give written notice to each person elected to a Town Office or Board.

Sec. 2B.

The Town Clerk shall notify all appointive Officers and members of Committees, Commissions or Boards of their appointment by the Board of Selectmen or the Moderator. In providing such notice, the Town Clerk shall also provide each Appointee with a copy of the vote prescribing the duties to be performed if such a document is appropriate.

Sec. 2C.

The Town Clerk shall provide to all Officers, Boards, Committees and Commissions, whether elected or appointed, with copies of all votes of Town Meetings and copies of Bylaws affecting them or their duties.

Sec. 3.

The Town Clerk shall keep in the Clerk's office, permanently bound, one or more files of the Town Reports.

Sec. 4.

The Town Clerk shall not allow original papers or documents to be taken from his office, except as they remain in the Clerk's custody or by authority of law.

Sec. 5.

The Town Clerk shall fix regular hours during which the Clerk's office shall be open and shall give public notice thereof.


The Town Clerk shall annually furnish the Board of Selectmen with a true copy of the record of the proceedings of the Town Meetings held during the proceeding year so that such record may be published in the Annual Town Report.

Sec. 7.             Non-Substantive Renumbering

                        The Town Clerk, or an agent designated by the Town Clerk, shall be authorized to assign appropriate numbers to sections, subsections, paragraphs and subparagraphs of Town general bylaws and zoning bylaws, where no such numbers are approved by Town Meeting, and if such are approved by Town Meeting, after consultation with the Town Administrator, to make non-substantive, editorial revisions to ensure consistent and appropriate sequencing and numbering, provided that such editorial revisions shall be identified by a footnote or other convention.(07/2020)