General Bylaw Article 2-8

Town Accountant

Sec. 1

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Town Accountant who shall perform all the duties and possess all the power prescribed by General Law, Chapter 41, s. 55 to 61 inclusive.

Sec. 2A

The Town Accountant shall submit the following to the Board of Selectmen within the first ten working days of each month:

  1. A detailed report of the amounts of all appropriations.
  2. All drafts made on account of each such appropriation.
  3. All receipts during the preceding month.
  4. A summary report of the same since the beginning of the fiscal year.
  5. Unexpended balances of all appropriations.

Sec. 2B

The Town Accountant shall prepare any other financial statements as may be required by the Board of Selectmen.

Sec. 2C

The Town Accountant shall file a summarized statement of the fiscal affairs of the Town for the preceding fiscal year with the Secretary of the Finance Committee not later than July 15 each year.

Sec. 3

The Town Accountant shall include in the Annual Report:

  1. A statement of the amount of money received by the Town from sources other than taxation during the preceding year.
  2. A list of all Insurance Policies held by the Town, which list shall include a statement of the property covered the names of the Companies and the amount of each policy.