General Bylaw Article 3-14

Alarm Systems


  1. The term "alarm system" means an assembly of equipment and devices or a single device such as, but not limited to, a solid state unit which is arranged to signal the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention and to which police are expected to respond. Fire alarm systems and systems which monitor temperature, smoke, humidity or any other condition not directly related to the detection of an unauthorized intrusion into premises or an attempted robbery at a premises are specifically excluded from the provisions of this By-Law. The provisions of Section C of this By-Law shall apply to all users.
  2. The term "false alarm" means (a) the activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation or negligence of the user of an alarm system or his employees or agents; (b) any signal or oral communication transmitted to the Police Department requesting or resulting in a response on the part of the Police Department when in fact there has been no unauthorized intrusion, robbery or burglary, or attempted threat. For the purpose of this definition, activitation of alarm systems by acts of God, including but not limited to power outages, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and similar weather or atmospheric disturbances shall not be deemed to be a false alarm.


  1. Every alarm user shall submit to the Police Chief the names and telephone numbers of at least two other persons who are authorized to respond to an emergency signal transmitted by an alarm system and who can open the premises wherein the alarm system is installed. It shall be incumbent on the owner of said premises to notify the Police Department of any changes in the list of authorized employees so named in the business listing to respond to alarms.
  2. All alarm systems installed after the effective date of this By-Law which use audible horn, bell or device shall be equipped a device that will shut off such bell, horn or device within fifteen (15) minutes after activation of the alarm system. All existing systems in the Town of Hanson must have a shut off device installed within six (6) months of passage of this By-Law.
  3. Any alarm system emitting a continuous or uninterrupted signal for more than fifteen (15) minutes which cannot be shut off or otherwise curtailed due to the absence or unavailability of the alarm user or those persons designated by him under paragraph (a.) of this section and which disturbs the peace, comfort or response of a community, a neighborhood or a considerable number of inhabitants of the area where the system is located, shall constitute a public nuisance.
  4. No alarm system which is designated to transmit emergency messages or signals of intrusion to the Police Department will be tested until the police dispatcher has been notified.
  5. All alarm systems which are designed to transmit emergency messages or signals of intrusions to the Police Department will be of a type approved by the Police Chief or his designee.


Every municipal building and every church and the buildings of the Hanson Housing Authority within the Town shall be exempt from the requirements and penalties of this By-Law.


  1. The user shall be assessed a false alarm service fee for each false alarm in excess of three (3) occurring within any twelve (I2) month period. The Police Chief shall notify the alarm user by certified mail or by service in hand by a Police Officer of such violation. Fines shall be paid in accordance with applicable state and local law.
  2. The owner of a system which occasions six (6) or more false alarms within twelve month period and/or installer who is not in conformance with this By-Law, may be ordered to discontinue the use of the same by the Board of Selectmen after a public hearing.
  3. Any user, owner or installer found to be in violation of any provisions of this By-Law for which no other penalty is specified shall be punished by a fine of one Hundred ($100.00) dollars.
  4. In the event that any provision, section or clause of this ByLaw is hereafter found to be invalid, such decision, invalidity or voidance shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of this By-Law.
  5. Schedule of service fees:
  • First three offenses No Fee
  • Fourth offense $30.00
  • Fifth offense $60.00
  • Subsequent offenses $90.00


Last Updated 10/93