General Bylaw Article 3-17

Locking Box Key

Sec. A:

All new non-residential and multi-unit residential (use groups R-1, R-2 & R-3; as defined by 780 CMR 310.00) or business construction shall install a locking key box, of a type approved by, and at a location on each building to be designated by the Chief of the Fire Department, or to any person the Chief may delegate said authority in writing.

Sec. B:

Any area of an agricultural, non-residential or multi-unit residential (R-1, R-2 & R-3), or business property that is normally protected by use of locked gates, shall install either a pad lock keyed to the secure fire department key, or locking key box on each gate. Any property that uses a electronic security lock or gate shall be required to provide an override switch that operates by use of the secure key held by the fire department.

Sec. C:

Any occupancy governed by this by-law which uses Hazardous materials regulated by state or federal law, shall be required install a key-vault capable of containing a complete set of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and to maintain a complete set of MSDS in said vault. Each set of MSDS shall be reviewed annually with a representative of the fire department to assure current information is available.

Sec. D:

All occupancies governed by this by-law shall be required to provide the fire department with a master key or complete set of keys to the occupancy, to be placed within the key box on the property. Whenever any occupancy governed by this by-law changes ownership or changes locks, they shall notify the fire department immediately and provide the new keys within 7 working days.