Private Ways

GENERAL BY-LAWS Article 2 - 17


Sec. 5

The Town may, subject to appropriation at any Town Meeting, make temporary repairs on private ways as follows: (5/2014)

a.   Limited to grading not more than two (2) times annually, and placement of suitable materials as required;

b.   Drainage improvements may be implemented as required;

c.   Said repairs shall be determined by the Highway Director with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, to be required by public necessity;

d.   No petition by abutters shall be required for such repairs;

e.   No betterment charges shall be assessed and no cash deposit shall be required;

f.   The Town shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever on account of any damages caused by such repairs; and

g.   Such repairs shall be performed only on ways which have been open to public use for six (6) years.