Electronic Checks


Electronic Payment to the Tax Collector’s office of real estate, personal property, motor vehicle, and/or water is allowed via your banking institution, however, there are some important points you need to understand so we may properly apply your payment to the correct bill.

The address to be used for Electronic Checks is: Town of Hanson, 542 Liberty Street, Hanson, MA 02341

Bill Number

The primary identifier of your tax bill is the Bill Number and it is different for each bill and for each year. The Bill Number is clearly shown on your tax bill. Each Bill Number should be indicated on each bill payment. Property parcel IDS, property addresses, license plate numbers, etc., while helpful are not the primary identifiers of your tax bill. Not having the Bill Number referenced with your payment will slow down or prevent applying the payment to your bill.

Understanding Electronic Checks / Electronic Bill Pay

By whatever name your banking institution calls it, the ability for you to pay bills electronically without having to personally write and mail checks is a time and money-saving feature (e.g., no postage). While some companies and organizations allow “electronic deposit” of electronic payments, a majority do not. This means for most electronic payments, your banking institution creates and mails paper checks. For Town of Hanson tax bills, we do not receive electronic bill payments, so banks print and mail us paper checks. Therefore, it can take up to five (5) or more business days before we receive your payment in Town Hall.

What Information is Required?

Whenever paying electronically, we need your Bill Number and which bill you are paying (ie: Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, or Water). Remember, we may not be able to apply your payment without a Bill Number.