Plumbing Permit Fees

New House (up to 10 fixtures)$150.00
Each Additional Fixture$10.00
First Fixture All Other Plumbing Projects$50.00
Each Additional Fixture$15.00
A pressure reducing valve shall be instituted if permit is for a bathroom group, but shall not be counted as a fixture. 

Commercial & Industrial      

Permits (1 Fixture)$75.00
Each Additional Fixture (any trap is a fixture)$20.00
Pressure reducing valve shall be considered a fixture and is required on all new construction or when a permit for three (3) or more fixtures is listed 

NOTE: Any work performed without first obtaining a permit, unless an emergency, is subject to DOUBLE THE FEE.

Permits are valid for one (1) year after issuance.

Voted and accepted by the Board of Selectmen's meeting on 3/17/15