Hunting in Town Conservation Areas

The Hanson Conservation Commission recently received a call from a resident regarding hunting on conservation land. Such a call is not unusual for our office, especially during the hunting season as callers seek advice on hunting regulations and restrictions. Of particular concern with this call was that the resident claimed hunting was taking place within 500 feet of a residential property. The caller reported the incident to the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFWL), who in turn reported the situation to the Massachusetts Environmental Police. According to the DFWL, the Environmental Police were requested to enhance enforcement of the regulations in the Town of Hanson.

The Commission would like to advise hunters to be certain they obtain the appropriate licenses and adhere to all laws and regulations regarding hunting. Also, we would like to remind hunters that there is no hunting permitted within 500 feet of any building or dwelling or within 150 feet of any bikeway or pave road. Hunters should follow posted signs regarding hunting as well.

On the other hand, to those utilizing conservation lands or any wooded area in town for other forms of recreation, please be aware that hunters may be sharing the woods with you and your pets. Please schedule your walks and dress accordingly.

Hunting laws and regulations, licensing locations, schedule of the hunting seasons and other related information can be found on the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife website. Hunting licenses may be obtained at the Hanson Town Clerk’s office.

Illegal hunting activity shall be reported to the Massachusetts Environmental Police at 800-632-8075.