Conservation Land Use Guidelines


All townspeople may visit, without charge, any conservation area. However, with the exception of municipal vehicles, no cars, trucks, off-road or any other powered vehicles are allowed within conservation areas except on discernible roads. Any vehicles so operated must be registered, operated under the control of a licensed operator and shall not create a nuisance to the area residents.

Hunting, fishing and trapping will be allowed in non-posted areas in season with a license and in accord with applicable laws.

No person shall cut, break, remove, deface, defile or ill use any structure, fence or sign or have possession of any part thereof. No trees, bushes, plants or flowers shall be defaced or cut. No trails shall be cut or marked, or dams built or any structure such as a lean-to, bridge, tower or handrail constructed without prior authorization of the Conservation Commission.

No person shall engage in business, sell, expose for sale or give away any goods, wares or circulars within conservation land.

Overnight camping may be permitted to organizations having adequate supervision appropriate to the number of campers present at all times. Each group must obtain permission from the Conservation Commission and have a fire permit if open fires are planned. The Chief of Police must be notified on the exact dates of occupancy and identity of the responsible adult.

All conservation areas must be left clean of litter. Violations will be dealt with according to local and state regulations.

Campers planning to have an open fire must obtain a fire permit from the Fire Chief or his representative at the Fire Department Communication Center.