Current CPA Projects

Bonney House

$18,500 was approved for use by the Hanson Historic Commission to fund the purchase of materials to replace clapboards, windows and doors on the town-owned Bonney House located on High Street in the front of the former Plymouth County Hospital property.  The South Shore Vocational Technical High School has graciously offered to perform the labor required to restore the house's exterior (valued at approximately $35,000) at no charge to Hanson taxpayers. This property had been in a steady state of disrepair. In a separate town warrant article, the town voted to provide $25,000 in CPA funds to fix the roof of this building and to mitigate damage to rotting timbers. It is anticipated that these projects will be completed in 2017.  The Hanson Historic Commission and Hanson Historic Society hope to move their historical artifacts into this building at some point in the future.

Camp Kiwanee North End Cabins

The cabins on the north end of Camp Kiwanee have been in a state of disrepair, preventing the full utilization and enjoyment of the property by Hanson residents and the renting public. Restoration of these cabins will improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the entire camp. In addition, it will increase the number of sites that can be rented and allow Camp Kiwanee to explore additional revenue opportunities. The project's completion is slated for mid-2017.