Zoning Bylaws


Cover Page & Table of Contents


SECTION I - Purposes

SECTION II - Definitions 
SECTION III - DistrictsA. Estblishments of Districts
B. Location of Districts
C. Location of Boundries of Districts
D. Use Beyond a Boundry Line
E. Municipal Exemptions
SECTION IV - Nonconforming Uses 
SECTION V - New Construction and New Uses 
SECTION VI - Use Regulations

A. Agriculture-Recreational District
B. Residence A District - Residence AA District
C. Residence B District
D. Business District
E. Commercial - Industrial District
F. Aquifer and Well Protection District
G. Floodplain District
H. Flexible Zoning By8law/Special District
I. Flexible Zone/Special Overlay District
J. Adult Entertainment District
K. Adult Communities
L. Special Requirements for Medical Marijuana

M. Special Requirements for Marijuana Establishments

N. Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installations

SECTION VII - Development of Sites & Location of Buildings & Structures

A. Height Regulations
B. Area, Frontage and Yard Requirements
C. Accessory Buildings
D. Off-Street Parking & Loading Areas
E. Permitted and Prohibited Signs

F. Signs Requiring Sign Site Plan Review
G. Site Plan Review
H. Travel Trailer, Motor Home, Mobile Home or Camper
I. Earth Removal
J. Buffer Areas
K. Multiple Principal Structures on a Single Lot
L. Personal Wireless Service Facilities

SECTION VIII - AdministrationA. Building Permits
B. Occupancy Permits
C. Violations and Enforcement
D. Special Permits
SECTION IX - Board of AppealsA. Establishment
B. Powers
C. Public Hearings
D. Rules of the Board
SECTION X - AmendmentAmendment
SECTION XI - ValidityValidity
SECTION XII - Determination of Adequate
Table of Dimensional Requirement