Zoning Bylaws


Cover Page & Table of Contents


SECTION I - Purposes

SECTION II - Definitions 
SECTION III - DistrictsA. Estblishments of Districts
B. Location of Districts
C. Location of Boundries of Districts
D. Use Beyond a Boundry Line
E. Municipal Exemptions
SECTION IV - Nonconforming Uses 
SECTION V - New Construction and New Uses 
SECTION VI - Use RegulationsA. Agriculture-Recreational District
B. Residence A District - Residence AA District
C. Residence B District
D. Business District
E. Commercial - Industrial District
F. Aquifer and Well Protection District
G. Floodplain District
H. Flexible Zoning By8law/Special District
I. Flexible Zone/Special Overlay District
J. Adult Entertainment District
K. Adult Communities
L. Special Requirements for Medical Marijuana
SECTION VII - Development of Sites & Location of Buildings & StructuresA. Height Regulations
B. Area, Frontage and Yard Requirements
C. Accessory Buildings
D. Off-Street Parking & Loading Areas
E. Signs
F. Site Plan Review
G. Travel Trailer, Motor Home, Mobile Home or Camper
H. Earth Removal
I. Buffer Areas
J. Multiple Principal Structures on a Single Lot
K. Personal Wireless Service Facilities
SECTION VIII - AdministrationA. Building Permits
B. Occupancy Permits
C. Violations and Enforcement
D. Special Permits
SECTION IX - Board of AppealsA. Establishment
B. Powers
C. Public Hearings
D. Rules of the Board
SECTION X - AmendmentAmendment
SECTION XI - ValidityValidity
SECTION XII - Determination of Adequate
Table of Dimensional Requirement