Completed CPA Projects

Community Preservation Act ("CPA") funds have improved Hanson in many ways!! For projects that have been approved by Town Meeting but not yet completed, please see the section labeled "Current CPA Projects". For all other projects, please see below for further details.

Historic Preservation

$4,752 was used by Hanson's Town Assessor for the restoration and preservation of Assessor's maps on linens, an 1856 Town of Hanson map and historic books and records.

$3,299 was used for the restoration and preservation of Town of Hanson historical books and records, spanning the years 1858 to 1954, that are in the care and custody of the Hanson Town Clerk.

$2,500 was used to build a book scanner for use by all town departments and committees to keep electronic records of historic books and records.

$6,000 was used by the Hanson Historical Society to repair and replace the roofs of historic properties known as the "Two-Holer" and the "Hearse House" located at 565 Main St.

$25,000 was used by the Hanson Historical Commission to repair and replace the roof of the historic property known as the "Bonney House" located at High Street.  This roof was in a rapid state of deterioration and these repairs insured that this property could be enjoyed by future generations.






Open Space Purchases

$46,620 went to the Open Space Committee to acquire 115 acres of open space (referred to as the Harris Stone property) located off of West Washington Street.. This property abuts several parcels of town-owned land adjacent to the Crystal Springs and is surrounded by wetlands making it uneconomical for development. As a result of the town voting to spend $46,620 in CPA funds on this project, the town was able to apply for and was awarded a Massachusetts LAND Grant for the remaining $82,880 needed to purchase this piece of property.

$18,500 was used to acquire the Poor Meadow Brook property, consisting of 11.2+ acres of open land that is adjacent to the town's Crystal Spring water resources as well as several other pieces of town-owned property.

$74,000 was used to purchase Thomas Mill and the adjacent property. This property is  an histroric replica of the original mill that sat on this site. The Mill is available for rent by the general public.






Community Housing

The CPA provides that community preservation funds may be expended "for the creation, preservation and support of community housing and for the rehabilitation or restoration of community housing," but not including maintenance.

Evaluation of projects submitted for consideration by the Committee will include consideration of several factors, including but not limited to the following: contribute to the goal of achieving 10 percent affordable housing; promote a socioeconomic environment that encourages diversity; is consistent with and assures fair housing practices; provide housing that is harmonious in design and scale with the surrounding community; ensure long-term affordability; promote use of existing buildings or construction on previously-developed or Town-owned sites; give priority to local residents, town employees, and employees of local businesses to the extent allowed by law. Although the Hanson CPA has not yet funded any housing projects, we continue to work with the Housing Authority to identify potential opportunities.


Camp Kiwanee

$8,000 was used by the Hanson Recreation Commission to conduct an engineering feasibility study on the historic Camp Kiwanee firehouse for the  purposes of obtaining in depth specifications needed to preserve, restore, and rehabilitate the firehouse.






Botieri Fields & Town Forest

The majority of the project completed in 2015, $90,000 was allocated to refurbish several of the town-owned baseball fields at the Botieri complex to bring them up to National Little League standards, to clean-up and fix the parking lot adjacent to the Botieri complex/Town Forest and to survey the Town Forest located next to the Botieri complex.  This project was a joint submission by the Hanson Little League and the Hanson Town Forest Committee. Its completion will provide the citizens of Hanson with easy access to the Town Forest and the Botieri complex and insure that our baseball fields meet the required standards.  An important note is that Hanson Little League independently raised over $250,000 in private funds to maintain and upgrade the Botieri complex and have made a commitment to continue to fund the ongoing maintenance of these fields. Pictured below is CPC Chairman, Laura Fitzgerald-Kemmett, throwing out the first pitch during Hanson Baseball's 2016 Opening Day at the newly completed Botieri Field. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Spyropouolos.










Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Outdoor Recreation Area

Completed in 2016, this recreation area is open to the general public and includes beach volleyball, basketball courts, street hockey, a fitness trail and other park amenities.

Community Preservation Plan

The CPC hired a consultant in 2016 to meet with all relevant boards and committees, in addition to the citizens of Hanson, in order to determine the areas of need that might benefit from Community Preservation Act Funds. After gathering the requisite feedback and documentation needed, the information was used by the consultant to form a Community Preservation Plan, which will serve as a roadmap for Community Preservation Act funding in the future.