Policy Procedure

When you come to meet with us:

  • Have all research with you relating to costs of your project .
  • Have all information regarding how you are collecting the information to completely explain your project to us.
  • Bring possible alternate procedures to obtain the object of your request
  • Tell us how you will obtain quotes-find out how you must bid.
  • Check if there is a state bid available for your project
  • Check if other bids are less
  • Notify us of time and date of bid opening
  • Notify us of final price and winner of the bid
  • Inform us when project will begin and when you expect project to be completed.
  • Supply us with a copy of the final invoice complete with the appropriate signature indicating that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.
  • Send this to us at the same time the invoice is submitted to the Town Accountant so that we have an opportunity to check with you if we have a question.
  • Submit timely updates as to the status of your project if it is other than a purchase.