Education Committee


The education committee of Hanson has been formed to provide financial assistance to support the education of resident students (K – 12) of Hanson either as individuals or as a group. The monies distributed are not intended to subsidize the regular school budget in any way, but to augment what is already provided to the Hanson schools (K – 8) and the Whitman Hanson Regional High School. The funds provided by the committee will be used to give assistance to student(s) or educators to help them facilitate the students’ education by providing materials or other kinds of assistance that improve their performance or ability to be educated. The only .requirements are that the student(s) be a resident of Hanson and attend a Public, Private, Vocational, Charter, Home School or any other education facility deemed applicable for financial aid by the Education Committee.

All proposals will be sent to the Education Committee at the Hanson Town Hall for review and consideration.

Accepted October 17, 2017 by the Hanson Education Committee.