General Bylaw Article 3-9

Bill Boards

Sec. 1.

No person, firm, association or corporation shall erect, display, or maintain a billboard, sign or other outdoor advertising device in the Town of Hanson:

  1. Within fifty (50) feet of any public way.
  2. Within three hundred (300) feet of any public park, playground or other public grounds, if within view of any portion of the same.
  3. Nearer than fifty (50) feet to any other such billboard, sign, or other advertising device unless such billboards or other advertising devices are placed back to back.
  4. On any location within a radius of one hundred and fifty (150) feet from the point where the center lines of streets meet.

Sec. 2.

No billboard, sign or other advertising device shall be erected, displayed, or maintained in any block in which one half of the buildings on both sides of the street are used exclusively for residential purposes without the written consent of the owners of a majority of the residential and vacant frontage on both sides of the street in such block.

Sec. 3.

The Board of Selectmen may issue permits to religious, fraternal and social organizations of the Town to display posters or signs to advertise their activities.

Sec. 4.

The provisions of sections 1-2-3 shall not apply to signs or other devices which advertise or indicate either the person occupying the premises in question or business transacted thereon, or advertise the property itself or any part thereof as "For Sale" or "To Let."

Sec. 5.

The provisions of Hanson Land Use Regulations Zoning By-Law, Section 7, sub-section E and F, as appropriate, shall also apply.

Sec. 6.

Whoever violates any of the provisions of this By-Law shall be punished by a fine of one hundred dollars ($100.00) and whoever after conviction for such violation unlawfully maintains such billboard, sign or other advertising device for twenty (20) days thereafter shall be punished by a fine of three hundred dollars ($300.00).


Sec. 7.

If any provision of this By-Law is declared unconstitutional or illegal by final judgment, order or decree of the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth, the validity of the remaining provisions of this By-Law shall not be affected thereby.